Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Purpose and Direction of this Blog

The artwork and handicraft discussed here will be aged anywhere from ca. 50,000 B. C. to ca. 1900 A. D.   From stone hand tools such as blades, flakes and axes to delicate silver and bead jewelry of the Middle East, Central Asia and Arabia.  I will try to provide photos of pieces under discussion on any given posted message.

The photo above is of a Yemen necklace made of finely handcrafted silver, not sterling, because the standard was not established in Yemen at the time.  Instead, the Jewish silversmiths of Yemen melted the coinage of Yemen in order to make the decorative pieces.  You can see a larger more detailed photo of the item at Antique Metal and Stone Arts Group on Facebook.

The next post will begin a sketch of the history and culture behind the production of this kind of jewelry.

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