Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beit Baws Beads

Perhaps the most famous, and certainly among the most beautiful, silver beads of Yemen were those fabricated in the House (shop) of Baws and are known as Bawsani beads.  Here is an example of the delicate filigree work, the fine granules of silver applied just so, and the lacy connecting of one piece of wound silver wire to the next.  All of this produces an almost perfect round or oval bead with an inspiring combination of shape, texture, lights and shadows.

Here is a view from the top.  Even after a century of wear, the bead is seen to be harmonious in its parts and durable in its service.

A string of such beads around a bride's neck makes more than a status or fashion statement, but also declares the buyer's appreciation for beauty and good workmanship.

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